5.1. - 12.1.2025

Pustertalerstreet 15, I-39034 Dobbiaco
Dolomites - South Tyrol - Italy
Tel. 0039 0474 972132
or 0039 0474 972458
E-Mail: info@balloonfestival.it

Entry conditions
Only experienced pilots, who are used to ballooning in mountains in winter, are permitted to take part in the festival. Due to the geographical conditions and the snow, retrieving balloons in the mountains can be very dangerous. All accompanying teams must be equipped with the necessary equipment for the balloon, the car and the team.
The organizing committee reserves the right not to accept entries from balloons that carry advertisements from rival companies from the sponsors of the festival.
Necessary documents for registration:
  • copy of pilot’s license
  • copy of co-pilot’s license
  • copy of the airworthiness certificate
  • copy of the liability insurance (min. 2.500.000,00 Euros)
  • copy of the Airworthinees review certificate
  • copy of the payment of the membership fee of 600 Euros
  • photo of the pilot and the team with names of all participants (by e mail or post)
  • photo of the balloon (by email or post)
Technical requirements:
  • radio
  • radio frequency 118/137 Mhz
  • rope at least 40 m long
  • enough gas tanks
  • gas filling: in Italy only REGO, at least 6 propane tanks. The first filling in on
  • functioning instruments: altimeter, variometer
  • insurance against third parties and passengers
  • first aid box
  • winter equipment for the ground crew vehicle (chains, snow tyre, snow shovel…)
  • winter clothes, winter shoes
  • two pilots for crossing the Alps
Crossing the Alps
It is possible to cross the Alps during the festival if the conditions are favorable. All pilots who wish to do this must have the following equipment:
  • Transponder
  • Oxygen for all passengers and pilots
  • Elt
  • at least 320 liters of gas
  • suitable maps
  • radio
  • a co pilot
  • consent from the„ Assistenza al volo di Padova“  
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